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Reward Points          

How It Works - Order, Earn, Save, Spend

Introducing Rewards

Spend your points

Collect 3 points for every £1 you spend, every 100 points saves £1 on your NEXT order.

Order and join membership

Order products, make sure you create account with us, join our membership for more benefits, we'll give you exclusive offers.

Save Up

Place any orders and watch your rewards balance grow, points will created to your account automatically.

Join Reward Points Now

Rewards Points FAQs

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What you need to know?   

*Earn points when you complete activities all DAYMISFURRY.CO.UK account holders will automatically earn points, every time you shop on DAYMISFURRY with registered account, we reward you with points which can redeemed to use on NEXT orders. Reward points are automatically added to your account within few hours of the purchase. These points can be exchanged online and allow you get money off on DAYMISFURRY purchase, you can get points in these simple ways.

--Place order: Collect 3 points for every £1 you spend

    --Share  on Twitter: 30 points                            

       --Share on Facebook: 30 points                           

--Like on Facebook: 30 points                       

--Follow on Twitter: 30 points                        

   --Follow on Instagram: 30 points                      

 --Celebrate birthday: 100 points                     

*How can I spend my reward points?                                                           You can spend on reward points on DAYMISFURRY website, whether you want to stick to your favourite product or be adventures and try something new. When you open our website you will notice a blue logo with "REWARDS", click it, you can check how many points you got, every 2 points you will get when you spend £1,  please note points can't be used an any subscription repeat orders.

*I've placed an order, when will I receive my points?                                You'll receive your points immediately in a pending state, they will be approved few hours after you have paid.      



*Can I use my reward points with discount code?                                         We are sorry to say: NO, reward points can't be used at the same time as a discount code when making a purchase. 





*How to use Reward points?

 1  Click                               on website left screen.

2  Click                                            find ways to redeem your points.

3  Click  ( Redeem )                                                         


4 Check How Much Points you want to change to £.

5 Then you can find your discount 

   code, click "copy code" 

6 Finally Use your discount code

            at check out page !   



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