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"Real fur is more breathable than other materials, it provides unrivalled warmth.  Natural fur looks gorgeous and exceptional and it is durable.   Fur is also eco-friendly, sustainable, renewable and biodegradable.  All original materials we use are ranch raised, non wild, non-endangered and non-threatened animals sourced from the USA and complying with all relevant fish and wildlife regulations.  International dispatch of animal products complies with all relevant country laws.  All animals are carefully raised by our trusted partners in Europe and picked by our professional fur experts from to ensure these materials are ethically produced and of the highest quality.


Clothing made from fur not only provides fashion appeal, but also offers lovely, natural insulation to keep you warm and comfortable.  But there are some things that every customer needs to know in order to properly care your favourite fur products properly, fur is difficult to clean and should only be cleaned by a furrier or professional fur cleaning service.  Here are some tips on how to look after your fur products properly:


1 Shake the fur products to remove both the dust and dirt, store your fur in a cool, dark place less than 10C.  Warm storage will cause the fur to dry out and fade.


2 Hang it properly.  Hang your fur items in cool and dry places when not in use.  Also use a good quality fur brush and brush the clothing while it is hanging.


3 Avoid using chemicals, odours around fur, simply place the fur items in a bag along with a small container of ground coffee and store it, the coffee will absorb the odour giving a fresh smell."

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