How To Clean Your Down Jacket?

A high quality, functional and fashionable down jacket is essential for winter, how to clean your down jackets is extremely important for everyone knows. Here are some tips for cleaning your down jacket.

How to wash your down jackets?

-Read the care label before you wash, take attention on special instructions.

-Fasten all fasteners, because down jacket's inside materials can rip easily when the coats are wet. So it's very crucial to take care of anything could pull or catch during the process of washing. Please remove any items from pockets and secure pockets.

-In order to make sure the cleaning process more easier and quicker, use a clean and dry cloth to wipe away dirt and stains in your down jacket, for cleaning tough stains, use soap or special down soap for a better cleaning results, pour a small amount of soap on stains areas, sock for around 15 minutes then rinse it.

-Place the down jacket into warm water, soaking the jacket before washing can remove excess dirt. After soaking the jacket, gently squeeze the water from jacket.

-As the regular biological washing power can damage down feathers, please clean out the detergent compartment before adding down-safe washing powder. Wipe the dispenser with a clean cloth to remove leftover regular washing powder. Use down-safe washing powder, you can buy it from local store or online, remember choose "Cold water" mode, “Handmade" or "Wool" mode to clean. 30 ℃ is the best washing temperature. When finishing washing first cycle, run it through second time rinse cycle to guarantee any dirt are removed and your jacket is clean.

Q & A Section 😎

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