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DAYMISFURRY 2020-2021 🎈

From 2020 to 2021, we've made remarkable changes to thanks every customer support. Year 2020 is absolutely a tough year for everyone, we are facing a global crisis, our world is experiencing a period of unprecedented turmoil. The COVID-19 Pandemic is a painful movement in our history, not only individual but also families, communities, businesses and nations are feel nervous, the COVID-19 Pandemic has created upheaval on global scale while changing the smallest details of everyday lives. Luckily, our customer and government support us during the darkness days, thank you every key workers and NHS working so hard to keep our country stable, thank you everyone who wear face masks and obey social distance to protect lives, thank you every one who work from home to make our community running normal, sorry for anyone who lost lives during COVID-19 pandemic.

From this unforgettable movement, we deeply realised the importance for keeping our Earth health and make sustainable develop, we only got one Earth to live, we should protect our Earth. This year, we are proudly to launch new sustainable and environment friendly collection- wool, cashmere, leather and sheepskin & Lambskin product collection, we still update new pieces daily, sheepskin is environmentally friendly. Natural sheepskin is a renewable and renewable resource, making it an eco friendly choice that you won't regret. The lambs grow back their fleece annually, so it can be shorn every year. Being biodegradable, it naturally decomposes in soil, releasing precious nutrients. In DAYMISFURRY we guarantee everything we sell is natural, sustainable, renewable and biodegradable.

Winter is officially arrived, our team are ready! Keep you toasty warm and looks chic in winter is our target. We are launching new lines parka coat collection, give you more choices to wear in the freezing days; also our new sheepskin pillows and blankets collections are our new favourite, make a statement in any room at your home, provide you with ultimate softness and comfort; As winter stretches our before us, be sure to order a pair of the sheepskin/leather gloves, fleece lined for warmth and traditionally style, they make a smart choice.

We are ready for AW21, are you ready? ❤ @DAYMISFURRY

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