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  • Authentic dyed pink Rex Rabbit Fur
  • Cute heart-shaped construction
  • Cuddly soft fur on both sides
  • Perfect for holiday decoration
  • Add fun to any room
  • Measures 16 inches from top to bottom (40 cm) 16 inches across (40 cm)
  • Brand: daymisfurry

You'll fall in love this cute pink heart-shaped pillow. This pillow is made from exceptionally soft and full Rex Rabbit fur. Rex rabbit fur is dyed a bright pink, almost Fuchsia that can really bring a lot energy to a space. For such a small piece it really packs a punch. Place this cushion on your bed as a decorative throw pillow, or on a couch or chair to tie in with the decor. It's functional too! Your guests will fight over who gets to use the silky smooth heart pillow. Perfect for gifting to a loved one - especially on Valentine's Day!

DMD105 Red Rose Rex Rabbit Fur Pillow

Artikelnummer: DMD105

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