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  • Beautiful soft and silky fur with a high quality tanned flesh/reverse side.
  • High quality tanned rex rabbit furs, ethically sourced and tanned
  • This rex rabbit pelt is fully tanned and will last for decades with proper care.
  • Product Sizes (approx):
    Length: 40/45 Centimeters
    Width: 28/30 Centimeters
  • Ready for the production of items such as clothing, accessories, hats, rugs, blankets, bedding, toys, animal training, fly tying and much more. 
  • Care instructions: dry clean and professional fur clean only
  •  Real colors may vary slightly from the color on your screen. 
  • Please note these all come up slightly different as are natural products, please allow for dimensions to be slightly different

Leopard Printed Rex Rabbit Pelt

Artikelnummer: DMD169K

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